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Meridian Land Surveying, Inc. is a full-service land surveying company. One of our stated goals is to continue to move forward while staying connected to the logic and thinking that the surveying profession is founded upon. We strive to combine traditional surveying wisdom with state of the art technology.

Upon our Needle we depend,
In ye thick woods our course to know.
Then after it ye Chain extend
For we gain our Distance so.

Over ye hills, through Brushey Plains,
And Hideous Swamps where is no Track,
Cross Rivers, Brooks, we with much Pains,
Are forc’d to travel forth and Back.

Briars & Thorns our Flesh Doth tear,
And Stubborn Brush our Garments rend,
Our Instruments need much Repair,
Labour and Toil our Spirits Spend.

And when Weary steps has brought us home
And Needle, Chain have some respite
We may with joy resign our Breath
For to the path of Society we give light.

— after James Blake, Jr., (1688-1750)
Colonial Surveyor

“Professionals are often delegated an exclusive franchise for the purpose of protecting the public from the unqualified. In exchange for this exclusive franchise the professional does have moral obligations to the public;
this individual is in a position of trust.”
— Walt Robillard
quoted from "Out of Bounds: Exploring Georgia Boundary Law"

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